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  • Fasteners should be made of a similar material to ensure that they last as long as the roofing material Itself
  • Reinforcing steel bars should be bent around a circular former that has a minimum diameter equal to five times (5x) the bar diameter
  • Permaclad® and Colourclad® products should not be used in agricultural environments as corrosion resistance may be diminished by contact with animal waste and chemical sprays
  • We offer Financing / Credit Terms to qualified individuals
  • One of the first considerations when contemplating construction should be to conduct site tests to determine the quality of the substrate for the foundation - cores should be drilled 10-16ft into the rock to determine the depth to solid rock
  • Permaclad® and Colourclad® materials should only be cut with an electric shears or by hand with a metal scissors
  • Construction and reinforcement connections must be adequate and consistent from foundations to roof covering; the structure is as strong as its weakest link.
  • We offer a 5 Year Warranty on roofing installations
  • When preparing foundations for construction, do not excavate to rock and then fill with marl – build on the rock!
  • Permaclad® has a high reflective value, helping to keep your home cooler.
  • Freight services are available to transport your purchases
  • Settlement effects can ruin what would have been an ideal foundation – Brickforce® masonry reinforcement will resist cracking and ensure strong and healthy walls
  • We offer Installation Services for Roofing, Shutter and Eave Guttering products
  • When starting a construction project, digging the Septic or Drainage Well first can give a good indication of fractures and voids in the site's substrate / foundation rock
  • Special Discounts are available to BARP Members and to select Credit Union Members
  • Columns should be connected to beams with bent Rebar from one member into the other
  • U-Panel roof cladding should be fastened in every pan (6" centers) at the ridge and eave
  • Vertical steel reinforcement is required adjacent to openings (e.g. windows & doors) to prevent cracking and the potential collapse of walls
  • Cash On Delivery purchases are available for standard products
  • Never use a chop saw or angle grinder to cut Permaclad® & Colourclad® materials as this will lead to premature corrosion
  • Honey-combing in poured concrete appears as a rough, pitted surface resulting from incomplete filling of the concrete against the formwork. The root cause is often the use of too stiff a concrete mix or failure to vibrating it sufficiently after it is poured
  • BRC Roof Zips® screws are up to 23% stronger that the commonly used 10 gauge roof screws
  • Concrete cover is the minimum thickness of concrete between the reinforcing steel and the outer surface of the concrete. Pay very close attention before pouring concrete as insufficient cover may result in the corrosion of the steel, damage to the concrete and potential failure of the structure
  • Permaclad® roofing materials can be painted immediately after installation
  • The resistance of Permaclad® to atmospheric corrosion is 2-6 times greater than that of galvanized coated steel - Permaclad® just lasts longer
  • The minimum lap-length for Reinforcing Steel Bars should be fifty times (50x) the diameter of the largest bar in the lap

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Conversions » (Click to read)

* 1tonne (metric) = 2240lbs
** 1ton (imperial) = 2000lbs
***1 Imp gal. = 1.20095 U.S. gal

Imperial to S.I. Metric S.I. Metric to Imperial

1. Length

1yd = 0.9144m
1ft = 0.3048m
1in = 0.0254m
1in = 25.4mm
1m = 1.09361yd
1m = 3.28084ft
1m = 39.3701in
1mm = 0.03937in

2. Area

1yd2 = 0.836127m²
1ft2 = 0.092903m²
1in2 = 645.16mm²
1m2 = 1.19599yd²
1m2 = 10.7639ft²
1mm2 = 0.00155in²

3. Area / Unit Width

1in2/ft = 2116.7mm²/m
1mm²/m = 0.4724 x 10-3in²/ft

4. Volume Modulus of Section

1yd³ = 0.7646m³
1ft³ = 0.0283m³
1ft³ = 28.317litre
1gal*** = 4.546litre
1in³ = 16.387x103mm³
1m³ = 1.308yd³
1m³ = 35.315ft³
1litre = 0.0353ft³
1litre = 0.022gal(0.264USgal)

5. Mass

1tonne* = 1.016ton
1lb = 0.45359237kg
1ton** = 0.984tonne
1kg = 2.20462lb

6. Mass / Unit Length

1lb/ft = 1.488kg/m
1kg/m = 0.671969lb/ft

7. Mass / Unit Area

1lb/ft² = 4.882kg/m²
1kg/m² = 0.204816lb/ft²

8. Density

1lb/ft³ = 16.0185kg/m³
1kg/m³ = 0.062428lb/ft³

9. Force (load or weight)

1lbf = 4.448N
1kip = 4.448kN
1tonf = 9.964kN
1N = 0.2248lbf
1kN = 0.2248kip
1kN = 0.1004tonf

10. Force (load or weight) / Unit Length

1lbf/ft = 14.59N/m
1lbf/ft = 0.0146kN/m
1kip/ft = 14.59kN/m
1ton/ft = 32.69kN/m
1N/m = 0.0685lbf/ft
1kN/m = 68.52lbf/ft
1kN/m = 0.0685kip/ft
1kN/m = 0.0306tonf/ft

11. Force (load/unit area)

1lb/ft² = 47.88Nm²(Pa)
1lb/ft² = 0.04788kN/m²(kPa)
1kip/ft² = 47.88Nm2(kPa)
1kip/ft² = 0.04788MN/m²(MPa)
1tonf/ft² = 107.3kPa
1ton/ft² = 0.1073MPa
1kPa = 20.9lb/ft²
1kPa = 0.0209kip/ft²
1MPa = 20.9kip/ft²
1MPa = 9.324tonf/ft²

12. Moment of Force = 0.113Nm = 0.000113kNm
1lbf.ft = 1.356Nm
1lbf.ft = 0.001356kNm = 0.113kNm
1kip.ft = 1.356kNm
1ton.ft = 3.037kNm
1N.m =
1N.m = 0.7378lbf.ft
1kN.m =
1kN.m = 737.6lbf.ft
1kN.m =
1kN.m = 0.7376kip.ft
1kN.m = 0.3293tonf.ft

13. Moment of Force = 0.371Nm/m = 0.000371kN/m/m
1lbf.ft/ft = 4.448Nm/m
1lbf.ft/ft = 0.004448kNm/m
1kip.ft/ft = 4.448kNm/m
1tonf.ft/ft = 9.964kNm/m
1kN.m/m =
1kN.m/m = 0.2248lbf.ft/ft
1kN.m/m =
1kN.m/m = 224.8lbf.ft/ft
1kN.m/m = 0.2248kip.ft/ft
1kN.m/m = 1.004tonf.ft/ft

14. Stress & Modulus of Elasticity

1lbf/in² = 6.895kPa
1lbf/in² = 0.006895MPa
1kip/in² = 6.895MPa
1tonf/ft.ft = 15.444MPa
1kPa = 0.1450lbf/in²
1MPa = 145.0lbf/in²
1MPa = 0.1450kip/in²
1MPa = 0.06475tonf/in²

15. Properties of Sections

(a) Section of Mudulus Z
1in3 = 16.4 x 103mm3
(b) Second of Moment of Area 1
1in4 = 0.4162 x 106mm3
1mm3 = 0.061 x 10-3in3
1mm4 = 2.403 x 10-6in4

16. Thickness

1 micron = 0.001mm
1mil = 0.001in

* 1tonne (metric) = 2240lbs
** 1ton (imperial) = 2000lbs
***1 Imp gal. = 1.20095 U.S. gal